Zoetic Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2

Here at Zoetic Press, we’re just like everyone else: we have to buy holiday gifts for our loved ones. And just like everyone else, we aim to help you, our audience, in what can often be a difficult process. As such, we’ll be offering our holiday gift guide throughout the month, and we hope that it will take some pressure off of your already heavy shoulders!

Today’s list was lovingly curated by Kolleen Carney:

If you’re anything like me, you have about twenty-eight cents to work with this holiday season, but you aren’t above maxing out at least one credit card to make your family or friends happy. Here, I present to you my holiday guide for people with no money:

  1. Horror Movie a Day: The Book: For six years, Brian Collins watched a different horror movie each day. Here, he has hand-picked 365 suggestions, should you or your favorite horror fan want to delve into such a challenge. The print version is massive and makes a great bathroom book, but for those e-book aficionados, the Kindle version is FREE until Saturday, 12/10. (Price range: Free- $25)
  2. All You Need is Pug: Does your pug need an aviator scarf? Off course it does. Everything in this shop is handmade and guaranteed to have your favorite pup looking stylish while staying warm. (Price range: up to $75)
  3. Witch City Wicks Candles: These soy candles are hand-crafted in Salem, MA, and have the best scents. I suggest checking out Christmas Mourning or Black Christmas, my two personal favorites. (Up to $40, from what I can see; all collections are different).
  4. Paperback Paradise Postcards: These are hilarious. Who doesn’t want a set of postcards with vintage book art and clever new titles, such as “Piece of Shit Birds”? These have NSFW language, so it may be more appropriate for your snarkier friends than, say, your nana. ($4)
  5. Write Like a MFer Mug: Look, I am sorry, I have a foul mouth, ok? I can’t help it! I love this mug from the Rumpus, but if you are more polite than I am, they have a Dear Sugar mug with no swears on it. ($15)

Happy holidays, everyone!