Zoetic Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3

Here at Zoetic Press, we’re just like everyone else: we have to buy holiday gifts for our loved ones. And just like everyone else, we aim to help you, our audience, in what can often be a difficult process. As such, we’ll be offering our holiday gift guide throughout the month, and we hope that it will take some pressure off of your already heavy shoulders!

Today’s list was beautifully curated by Andrea Blythe:

My dorkiness shines through when it comes to gift giving, as it does with everything else. I adore things that are simultaneously a little bit useful, a little bit silly. So, here are a few such ideas for the writers and readers in your life. 

Clicky Cube
I am a fidgeter, and the Clicky Cube is touted as the “Ultimate Stress Relief Fidget Cube.” The tiny cube is small enough to fit in your pocket and provides a number of features — including a rotating dial, a “dice” side with fives buttons that click audibly or silently, a trio of tactical gears with a clickable ball and socket, a joystick, and a classic toggler — for any and all of a fidgeter’s needs.

Aqua Notes
Ideas always seem to come at the worst times — on the freeway while driving 70 mph or in the shower or some other place where it might be inconvenient to get the words jotted down. For those shower thinkers, Aqua Notes provides a water proof notepad so that you can write down your best ideas before they’re washed away (pun totally intended).

The Writer’s Toolbox
The Writer’s Toolbox presents a series of games and exercises designed to help writers with charging up their creativity and finding inspiration. The kit includes exercise sticks to kickstart stories ideas, inspiration cards to get some creative descriptions going, and spinner palettes to produce unexpected plot twists. 

Book Scarf – Inscribed with “The Raven”
As someone who has long loved Edgar Allan Poe’s work, I’ve been coveting this infinity scarf with the text of his most famous poem, “The Raven,” printed across the cloth. Is “The Raven” not to your liking? No worries. Storiarts has dozens of other scarves to choose from — everything from A Tale of Two Cities to Anne of Green Gables to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Writers Tears Whiskey
For every writer that sips or shoots whiskey as a balm for their literary suffering, there’s Writers Tears Whiskey. Pour a glass and drink the writer’s block away.