Zoetic’s 2016 Book Picks, Part 1

The New Year is upon us, and with it comes list after list of everyone’s favorite books of 2016. However, here at Zoetic Press we don’t let the constraints of the calendar dictate what thrilled us. Welcome to the Zoetic Press Best of Books List, curated by the staff and placed here in your timeline in hopes it will inspire you to read and discuss. What were your favorite books this year? Let us know! It’s like a comment section book club!

Kraken by China Miéville

Miéville’s genius lies in taking the particularly English predilection for magic and keeping it well grounded in the world of here and now. Billy Harrow is a cephalopod specialist at the Darwin Centre of the London Natural History Museum, but when their prize exhibit, a preserved giant squid, goes missing, the investigation sends him into the seedy underground of “knacking,” or magic. This gritty, small-scale, un-glamorous kind of magic is both more believable and more engaging for adults than the cloistered, hidden world of Harry Potter. In a single year, I’ve re-read it twice, just to wring every last bit of meaning from every beautifully-crafted word.

-Lise Quintana, EIC