Zoetic’s 2016 Book Picks, Part 4

The New Year is upon us, and with it comes list after list of everyone’s favorite books of 2016. However, here at Zoetic Press we don’t let the constraints of the calendar dictate what thrilled us. Welcome to the Zoetic Press Best of Books List, curated by the staff and placed here in your timeline in hopes it will inspire you to read and discuss. What were your favorite books this year? Let us know! It’s like a comment section book club!

The Sellout- Paul Beatty
It made me profoundly uncomfortable and discomfort foments… well, something. Something good, hopefully. Besides, who doesn’t love a little satire to smack us around a little bit, disrupt our routines, remind us that righteousness is a silly human construct and that no topic is unbroachable in the right hands—not even racism. The Sellout a book that cannot be talked about because to talk about it would be to do it a disservice, so I simply recommend it to the reader without much comment.

-Alex Simand, Associate Editor