“A U R O R A” by Luca Bevacqua

Today, Lise Quintana and Kevin Sharp explore “A U R O R A” by Luca Bevacqua, submitted to Zoetic Press for the Viable chapbook series.

Before the text, we’d like to included a note from the submitter.
I’d like to say some things about A U R O R A. I’m sure you noticed some of the operations, but I’d like to write down the full set of constraints in case you hadn’t noticed some. The poems are based on Ben Frost’s album of the same name, and they are based on the google search results for each of the track titles. I like this technique because it crosses over Flarf and Found Poetry. My favorite work assembled in this way is probably Kim Kardashian’s Marriage by Sam Riviere (Faber & Faber).
To the rule of never introducing anything else than what found in the google search previews, I added some other constraints: like the music of the album, I “never went back” (i.e., I never went back to previous pages of the search to look for material), and in each poem I used at least one of the results talking about the album. I also included at least one metapoetic reference to the technique, and incorporated internet jargon or some content produced by the very nature of the internet (e.g. mothing being a misspelling of nothing found in an automatic coding of a google books manuscript). Each poem tries to be a description of the track (but this is obviously subjective).


building and maintaining
the flexible language

use a fast lexical
canonical order

and lights up, all you need
is all in my head, flex,

get started, sign up now,

utilize the power
to create dynamic

practice-driven, practice-
based cramps and spasms, connect

simple past and past simple

nonlinear, it’s ‘too late’,
a raging temper and

bone marrow, but now we
got our first look, but now

we have our meat on bones,
a neutral anything,

first meaning, origin
and popularity

meaning, origin with
a unique twist and an

eye for the thousands
of autoimmunity

and 5 hours ‘too late’ fears

the teeth behind kisses
complex underneath means
simple on the surface

Christ loses her tooth as
offering an event

external image is
for the poetry of use,

why, mothing rhymes with death,
I learned pain and praise of

that, nothing rhymes with Bach
and praise and flex and frost

is dead of light and cut,
frostbitten by a faint

narrative arc, flowing


the ratio of shorter cuts
a curve in two or more

parts, a chord that lies and
shown below, on the left

you need to know, define
what they try to say, hey,

you have another name
for another shape that

explained the dark circle,
then offers solutions

to next-generation
earth, stability, and

sheets and bars and world needs

diphenyl oxalate
can be a range of ways

to create, not to be
outdone, I have lots of

nuffin’ much to say, just
amusing myself with

a bottle of glowy
liquid, fireworks, blow up,

I have yielded results
whose identity is

a novel crystalline
having high purity

followed by combustion

always white, the iris
is pale bronze with a brown

tint, another word for
prison, this isn’t a

fantasy look at the
future, cheat death and make

volatility real,
we should be thankful that

we create new life out
of our digital “yes”

within the domain of
having to fight for space

for post-synthetic life


no sorrowing
discover who lends his
gripping and urgent love

to exclusive license to
the searing, ghostly souls

transporting them into
turbulent view, variant

self medicating thought
that the life of darkness

is sunk in misery
and lost in sorrowing,

all things made new, for god
has said there is no death,

there is no sorrowing

sola fide
what language is alone
asserts a means because

it is one of the key
points that separate the

core from the expression
by grace alone, faith alone,

reject the idea of
word significance, to

relinquish faith alone
and embrace everything

grace is not a reward
as good as its object

I am not creative

a single point of blinding light
released from random stroke
I’ll try to keep this all

too naturally in
just one direction, and

tends to a fractal that
reacts behind decay,

undulating beast of
ash, he could not tell if

his eyes were pouring it,
the world crumble to dust,

lips trembling total length,
everything is in neon

out of reach aurora

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