“The Falling” by Shawn Anto

Today, Lise Quintana and Mateo Lara examine “The Falling” by Shawn Anto, submitted to Rabid Oak Literary Journal.

After the movie ‘First Reformed’

Fatality is laborious in God, hold hands out
tethered to the crown, scourged in thorns
Plummet down, mother…father forgive
Forgive them—the mind is deteriorating asking for relief
Blood run down painting the portrait of a soul in agony
Ringing through every metaphysical triumph
Crossed-out, tiring & swarming the world
With these mirages, all I see are bloodied
palms, down the back of the universe dying mother earth swallowing
Prayer is epiphany—do I see the reality immediate & pulsing
Right here, right now, the psychedelic sticky sweet of the world
Becoming the altar for devotion, rotten with riches in the beast’s
Abdomen singing & unraveling its own poison.
Now he surrenders, downing the bottle of oblivion
anguish draining his devotion over & over cyclical slicing
Pontifications withdrew amnesty
Plunged him forward, downward in time, caught obsessed with future holds
grace left flesh in barbed wire muted & unhinged as
Dopamine extracts, pulls into ignorance, kiss the sweet desirous people, the flock stampedes through the world
Outbreaks of doubt wrestling inside the bone as the choir sings of
Polluting, corrupting a holy hijacked sense of self
is it a reckoning? is it an awakening?