“Namesake” by Abigail Ashing

Today, Lise Quintana and Kolleen Carney explore “Namesake,” by Abigail Ashing, submitted for NonBinary Review‘s Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland.

Alice had lost something, or gained it, she hadn’t decided.
There were stretch marks now over old scars.
A firm, taut body grown soft. Ephemeral changes, all. All but one.
Her cawing heart, crow-black and war-drum beating went quiet.
New blood in the body pumped through it.
Her cooing heart, dove-white, started singing.
She gave her son a common name. Contemporary.
No Lewis Carroll jokes for him. No rabbit holes, no mad hatters.
She can’t remember what it was like before,
when she was all dreams of jabberwock slaying bound up in lean muscle.
Every moment is taken up with the cry and hush.
Rocking, soothing, nonsense talking.
While tiny hands are too weak to swing a vorpal blade there is no callooh callay
Just Alice in the darkness waiting for the day
When she was little like him she knew what she took strength in
She regrets not giving him a namesake.