“Pound of Flesh” by Mike Sharlow

Today, Lise Quintana and Frankie Metro explore “Pound of Flesh” by Mike Sharlow, submitted to Kleft Jaw for issue number 12. On a Saturday in the middle of June, about a month before we moved to California one of the neighborhood kids, Dave Brinks, felt he had unfinished business with my older brother, Matt. Everyone … Read More

“Improbable” by Mandy Kay

Today, Lise Quintana and Keven Sharp explore “Improbable,” by Mandy Kay, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. Tick Tock Tick Tock There were black hornets swarming inside her head. She shouldn’t be here, she knew, but she always had a soft spot for white rabbits. Human in a mask or not, if she squinted, … Read More

“How to Move Between Worlds” by Lyndsay E. Gilbert

Today, Lise Quintana and Kevin Sharp explore “How to Move Between Worlds” by Lyndsay E. Gilbert, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. My name is Alyss and I am mad. My mother visits me in the ‘head hospital’ every night. We call it that because of my little brother Russ. “Why’s Alyss in hospital?” … Read More

“Secret of the Guru” by Kevin Bennett

Today, Lise Quintana and Kevin Sharp  explore “Secret of the Guru,” by Kevin Bennett, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. Before we stepped onto the stage—I was one of the cameramen for the tour—the Guru turned to me with a smile and said: “Keith, have you ever had union with a Starman?” “What?” “A … Read More

“Abby Singer” by Hillary Leftwich

Today, Lise Quintana and Frankie Metro explore “Abby Singer” by Hillary Leftwich, submitted to Kleft Jaw. Scene 8 take 3 and I’m murdered, my throat slit open and a plastic bag over my head. The director yells CUT! and I rip the bag off. My murderer stands over me, dragging his gaze down the length … Read More

“Snow Queen” by T. R. North

Today, Lise Quintana and Carina Bissett explore “Snow Queen” by T. R. North, submitted for Issue #14, The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. “Do you remember the first time we met?” she asked, her voice thick and opium-drowsy, the slight thaw of early spring making her as lazy as the white-hot sun of high summer … Read More

“That Certain Smile” by Angele Ellis

Today, Lise Quintana and Nathan Tompkins explore “That Certain Smile” by Angele Ellis, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. I was raised by pigs: sua scrofula domesticus. Not so glamorous, I admit, as being raised by wolves, but better than being reared in a human litter. I wasn’t left for pigs to find, mind … Read More

“Longings of a Vanished Cat” by Jon Steinhagen

Today, Lise Quintana and Kolleen Carney explore “Longings of a Vanished Cat,” by Jon Steinhagen, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. She calls me Cheshire-Puss. I like that. What has she done with the baby? There she stands on the mossy path, unencumbered by bawling babe, crisp and clean and blue and white. I … Read More

“Boxing Day” by Austin Price

Today, Lise Quintana and Frankie Metro explore “Boxing Day” by Austin Price, submitted to Kleft Jaw. I’ve spent every night these last three months writing stories about people trapped in boxes. And I mean in real boxes. I don’t write stories about white-collar jerks so caught up in the rat race that their $20,000-a-month luxury apartments … Read More

“The Vanity” by Derrick Lafayette

Today, Lise Quintana and Matt Guerruckey explore “The Vanity” by Derrick Lafayette, submitted to Drunk Monkeys. From the view At the tip of a feather Fallen from your left wing I descended to earth The four line poem ran circles through my mind, as I kept looking to the floor. Looking into the Ivory shag … Read More