“Wonderland Cartologist,” “Return to Trash Palace,” and “Alice Sometimes” by Kia Groom

Lise Quintana and NathanTompkins explore three poems by Kia Groom, submitted for Issue #10, Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland Cartologist Started to see them: patches of world rubbed raw. Under, a bright scar. Two things at once, a scratch-off lottery ticket. Helps if I slip on plastic cat eyes, spectrum fade. Helps if I look through … Read More

“The Poet as Fool” by Sally Zakariya

Today, Lise Quintana and Selena Chambers explore “The Poet as Fool” by Sally Zakariyas, submitted for Issue #12, Edgar Allan Poe. For Zak, with lines from “The Purloined Letter”  Not altogether a fool, said pseudonymous G. in the Poe story, but then he is a poet, which I take to be only one remove             … Read More